Hi Steve
If you are going to play ‘Longest Travelers’ please try and find out where the owner lives!
On a number of occasions and knowing a number of trainers in the north, I have been lucky to be privy to information on long travelers.
I was involved in ownership a number of years ago.
I happened, on a stable visit, to say to my trainer that the horse he was sending to the Ascot evening meeting (don’t know if they still hold these meetings – used to be one a year) much have a hell of a chance.
He immediately told me the horse had no chance and wasn’t even ready, but the owner lived ‘close’ to the course, has a box entertaining business guests and likes two or three runners at the evening meeting every year.
Needless to say the horse was stuffed.
I have on a number of occasions personally heard the same from other trainers – owners demanding trainers send their horses to a course near to their place of residence.
As Matt says, there are exceptions, but it’s an angle I completely ignore and leave well alone following my education 20 odd years ago.

Tony Mac

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