Matt, great point today.I wonder what Ibrahimovic has on Mike Riley.

I’m a technophobe, admittedly, but it surely can’t be beyond the wit of your IT guru to attach a link to the rules at the head of each page (or at least on the sidebar). I’m gonna have to unsubscribe from updates because I’m getting too many e-mails! Sorry for adding another one to everyone’s inbox. A product of the thread’s success, I guess.

I’ve refrained from replying to queries here – it’s not my thread – but to specifically address your issue, galexmac; the suggested asking prices posted by Ray are not the minimum required, they are prices he has had, or hopes to have, matched. Ray sets the selections to take BSP at the off if unmatched, although there IS a minimum price level of 25.0, below which the bet should be cancelled (this may obviously take some hands-on judgement calls). Ray’s selections are his view of which of the qualifiers are most likely to succeed…others may wish to go for other qualifiers where there are more potential selections. The report was originated to facilitate that. Ray presumably had all four winners matched at his suggested prices, given the profit figure…140-odd profit less 50-odd bets. He puts the bets on before he posts here.

I’m probably going to start following again now that I’ve lost all my BOG accounts, so good luck all and congratulations on your results, Ray (and I’m now going back to sleep on this thread)


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