Ecm Paul, thanks for your response. Like you, I too am going to go to sleep on this thread. I have never been more confused about a racing ‘system’ than I have with this.

Despite requests from other subscribers to this thread, it appears that no-one, for whatever reason, is prepared to put up a clear, concise and accurate summary of the ‘rules’ of the system. From what I have read in some posts, BSP is not the deciding factor for P/L reports. Then when a P/L is reported, it is. Then I’m told (by sondrio) that the if the BSP price was too low, it doesn’t count (. (Even though it counted yesterday for winners yesterday at BSP’s of 33% to 63% of ‘required’ odds – see above). Now I’m told (by Paul) what is shown in the Outsiders Odds Check Report under the column heading “Required” are not actually required odds at all, just ‘suggested’ prices!

I simply cannot take the reported profits as having any basis in reality. Without a solid framework and system rules, the P/L reporting is about as transparent as Trump’s tax returns.

That’s it from me. I’m out!

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