Matt Bisogno

Steady on, galexmac. Strolling in late, not taking time to catch up and then accusing others of not being clear is a) unfair and b) very far from the spirit of this forum/website/community.

So, allow me to put you straight here:

1. This is NOT a ‘system’. It is a method which, if you’d taken time to read enough, you’d know requires inference. It is up to people who follow the thread whether they go with Ray’s suggestions, or get to their own conclusions via the spreadsheet and report.

2. The report is SECONDARY to manual checking, but is a handy 85% shortcut for those who want it.

3. The ‘required’ prices rule is pretty clear, and is as laid out by Paul, and in various slots in the thread. Again, if you haven’t taken time to catch up, please don’t take time to ‘crab’ about what you don’t know.

4. No two people will get the same results here. It’s a method. Prices on Betfair are extremely fluid. It is very often the case that a price put up early (say, 100) is matched by other users later at 150, 200, or even higher… and some of them win. This is a game of swings and roundabouts with a massive amount of wriggle room for getting higher prices and/or missing out altogether.

Far more important for me personally, as host to all-comers, is not that you ‘get’ or don’t get the guidelines, or that you believe them, or that you want to follow this approach… No, what is important to me is that you respect the people here, and the fact that we’re on page 105, and that there have so far been more than sixty voices involved in the thread.

Your comments, in my opinion, are unfair and uninformed. The thread does need tying together with the method outline, but the fact you’ve not understood it – even on as fundamental level as seeking a set of totally mechanical rules and a single view of the bottom line – does not, in my opinion, justify your ‘cocked and loaded’ pronouncements.

Again, this is an approach. Ray posts his picks and his results. As you might imagine, it takes a fair amount of effort for him to share those, which he is not obliged to do. Plenty are following and enjoying the ride – and a share of the profit. Others are not taking time to fully engage, and leaving the scene. Both are fine, but comments such as some of yours above are not.

The ‘feel’ of this forum is of paramount importance to me so, while I really don’t like being pedagogic, if I deem it necessary to protect the greater good, I will. In this instance, I’ve felt the need to step in.


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