Only been a member of GGs four or five months, came across this thread circa page 100, spent a whole evening and into the early hours of the next morning reading and understanding of this method. Took time to back-check its selections and found it to be profitable. Took the leap of faith to back Ray’s selections at the begining of Feb and jumped into a losing run, but although I will admit I was begining to wonder what had I done ( at this point I had lost several hundred pounds) I still had faith in Ray and the method. that faith proved well founded as he he turned it round completely in ONE day! I had the biggest odds single winner I have ever had in my life 300/1.
It really bugs me when people pass judgement on something they either dont understand or haven’t taken time to research and therefore form a valid opinion.
Keep up the GREAT work Ray, there are many of us that owe you a good many drinks, and if I ever get down to Cornwall it would give me great pleasure to supply you and your good lady with same.

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