Ray Thompson

Whoa!!! WTF have I missed in the last 24 hours???

Thank you everyone for your support re the argumentative poster; fortunately we don’t get many of those on the forum.

One winner yesterday at Meydan and loads of non-runners kept our losses down to -8 points.

NH Hun HH+85, MH+143, F-11, RUK
2.30HH Outrageous Romana 100, I Know The Code 80, Sound The Bugle 70, Perfect Timing 36 and Get Back To Me 36
5.00MH Malpreedy 250+, Wataguddo 250+ and Dalmarella Dancer 70
5.30F Bury The Evidence 200+, Miss Malarky 200, Blackberry Wine 32 and Head Hunter 32

NH Leo HC-48X, HH+112, MH-15, ATR
2.40MH Colwinston 250, Artical Eleven 150, Wishmoor 60, Bosco Di Alco 42 and Kopookris 42
3.10HH Go Forty Go 42
4.10HC Presenting Mahler 70, The Mooch 70 and Mr Diablo 36
4.40HC Witness Of Fashion 70, Arthamint 32 and Do Be Doin’ 28

NH Sed HH+71, ATR
2.20HH Longueville Flier 80 and More Than Luck 28

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