With so many potential newbies coming on board to the GG site and forum some of whom may or may not have years of betting experience I do suspect that many take the most direct route by simply looking at Ray’s P & L and think I’ll have some of that, only to find that that’s perhaps not what they are experiencing. There are of course reasons for this (different prices obtained, not matched so BFSP etc etc) that have been explained previously however one can nevertheless understand why some people can’t fully comprehend. We all go into shops and see a price displayed and expect to pay that price or use a tipster or this sites SOTD and know that the results will be the same for everyone.

Insofar as the methodology is concerned take the Handicap hurdle races at Leopardstown today. Over the past 5 years 43 races with 8 runners+ and no less than 11 have been won by horses above 16/1 – no less than 25% of all races, so the methodology is I believe sound as many have indicated . Add in the volatility of the higher priced 16/1+ selections and you have the potential to gain significant profits. So could it be that the quoted profit expectation by newbies (Ray’s P & L figures) lends itself to this type of discussion and not necessarily the methodology itself? As Matt alludes this isn’t a rigid system with everyone guaranteed to have the same horses/results/profits so perhaps this fact isn’t clear enough to newbies to the site or crucially this thread?

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