Ray Thompson

After failing to ‘X’ the HCs we also lost runners in our Huntingdon 5.00 and 5.30, bumping them betting with only 7 runners left in each. We effectively ended up with only 13 picks for the day. However, with Wishmoor going in we show a nett profit on the day of 44 points. When it began sliding this morning I hastily took 60 before it plummeted to an unworkable figure.

I’m able to access TF again and was pleased to see that my figures for the last few days were correct, which I had been pretty sure of because of the amount in my Betfair account!

Tomorrow we have two NH and an AW:

NH Lin HC+49, HH+12, MH-3, F-16, ATR
NH Sth HC+1, HH-46X, F-6, ATR
AW Wol M+256, H+1,036, ATR

Fingers crossed for some decent weather! Oh, and I’ll have a complete 5-year breakdown of Cheltenham’s Festival next week.

Right, I hear a cider calling my name in the local tavern!

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