Reply To: Sinister Horses for Sinister Courses


Ray Thompson

More withdrawals this morning. Here are the survivors:

NH Lin HH+12, MH-3, F-16, ATR
2.50MH Full Of Mischief 150 and The Golden Hour 150
4.50HH Phar Away Island 80, El Indio 70 and Saucysioux 32

NH Sth HH-46X, ATR
4.00HHX Oriental Fixer 32, Honest Intent 32 and Squablin 28

AW Wol M+256, H+1,036, ATR
2.10H Nezar 28
3.10M Gerry 400+, Boogie Babe 42 and Seneca Chief 36
4.10H Gabrielle 50, East Coast Lady 42 and Lady Lydia 42
4.40H Victor’s Bet 70, Turnbury 70, Lemon Thyme 50 and Schottische 28
5.10H Red Tomato 32

Cheltenham Festival five-year facts and figures later.

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