Ray Thompson

Lady Lydia (42, peaked at 85!) did the job yesterday, Sth NRs put the one race there out of contention, and the NRs at Lin and Wol reduced us to 15 bets. A nett profit of +24.9 points

Hoping for less NRs today…

NH Exe HH-6, RUK
4.20HH Spanish Queen 42 and Sparkling Ice 32

NH Ncs HH+155, ATR
2.10HH Beyond The Flame 70 and Next Hight 42

AW Sth M+258, H+350, ATR
2.00H Misu Moneypenny 70, Ryedale Rio 70, Evanescent 50 and Waneen 28
3.30H Boots And Spurs 32
4.00H Dramatic Voice 80, Les Darcy 42, Bold Grove 42 and Tallulah Fleur 42
4.30H Hab Reeh 42, Spowarticus 36 and Doeadeer 28

Play nice kids!

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