I was quite worried too about losing a £600 bank that went down to £50 so I decided to start again at 10p stakes using the trick of placing £2 at a high price that wont get matched and then add the 10p and then cancel the £2 and lower the price on the 10p to get it matched. No word of a lie the day I did this I got a 500 winner (Jaunty Warrior)!! frustrating I didnt carry on with £2 stakes but Im glad I moved to this more sensible approach. I review the bank everyday and simply stake 1/500 of the bank on each selection. Doing this will give you more confidence and you wont get so nervous on a losing run. Im confident good profits will be made.

Another thing I notice is that it really is swings and roundabouts with prices. Although Ray mentions prices that have already crashed by time we get on Betfair, there are still plenty that are available higher than his asking price!

Although we may not match Rays profits we should certainly still make a profit and not complain of we dont as he is sharing this for nothing in return!

Long Live Mondo!

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