Matt Bisogno

Phew! That took a bit of catching up…

Since last update:
14/80 (17.5% SR)
+22.69 (28.36% ROI)

135/643 (21.00% SR)
+149.91 (23.31% ROI)

Great shooting. A particular shout out goes to Teepee Time, who has rocked up at BSP’s of 34 and 17.6 the last twice.
And, of course, to Paul, who may be primarily governed by “naked self interest” (his words, not mine!!), but certainly doesn’t have to take the time to post. Thanks Paul!

p.s. for those annoying ‘lost the post’ moments, I’ve got into the habit of Ctrl/A (select all), then Ctrl/C (copy) before hitting the ‘Submit’ button, just in case…

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