Matt Bisogno

Interesting point re Hamish, and I just happened to have the full caboodle that Peter sends to his own paying subscribers for tomorrow’s racing. I’m not at liberty to share for obvious reasons, but I’m sure Peter won’t mind if I use this one race to showcase his product, and more pertinently to explain the Hamish revision:

Hamish race

As you can see, he won with a lowly 35 rating the other day; and his previous high rating owed plenty to his 4th last start which has now dropped off the ‘last three’ calculation (his last three are now 48/80/35, the average of which is 54.

He is emboldened on the table because he is Peter’s odds line favourite.

For those who would like this additional depth every day, Peter’s full service costs £20 a month, with a discount for longer subs.


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