haha! Cannot help it we are sailors! WE have taken a week off as we were finding ourselves getting a little tired of the rigious form study! We have staked £10.40 today (1.30 Stakes)

14:35 Thomas Hobson 5
14:40 Whip Nae Nae 15
15:35 Marsha 10
16:50 Battered 8.5
16:55 Notice 2.75
17:25 Stan Hope 8
18:55 Time Change 12
19:05 Clon Coulis 2.25

No multiples today.

We are doing well after Whip Nae Nae just came in! I really liked the look of this horse and couldnt believe the odds at 14/1. I think the SP was 7 Im glad i got his on at 10 am this monring!

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