Saturday Day 75: 2/14 +38.57 Pts (Cartmel: 4.00: Shine Away 28.88, Cartmel 5.45: Baraboy 27.13)
Total at BFSP after 5% comm:36/1478 -41.46 pts at BFSP after 5% (Missed: 6/183 +176.20)

It sure has Breebraw, however the reality of this idea is that the really good months (historically I’ve seen 1000 pts gained) will compensate for the poor months/runs. August historically is a hit and miss month and I expect better during September. If a 30% ROI+ can be generated over a full Jan – Sept system year I certainly won’t be complaining, but you do require patience and discipline and to focus on the long game, not the short term.

Sunday Day 76
2.00: ONLY Beach Wedding & Sometimesadiamond IF 16/1+ at ISP (5R Min)
2.35: ONLY Gasta if 16/1+ at ISP (5R Min)
3.10: All ISP 16/1’s – Exclude: Masterspeaker (8R Min)
3.45: All ISP 16/1’s – Exclude: Puppetshow, Pavlenko, Dilmun, Aurora Butterfly, Glamorous Approach, Aim To Please (5R Min)
4.55: All ISP 16/1’s – Exclude: Massinis Trap (8R Min)
4.05: All ISP 16/1’s – No Exclusions (8R Min)
5.15: All ISP 16/1’s – Exclude: Highland Colori, Hyde Park (8R Min)
5.50: All ISP 16/1’s – No Exclusions (8R Min)

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