I’m heavily restricted like a lot of us, Pete. I’ve only got 365 left at BOG before 9am the following day. They let me have a quid on Kodiac Express, and 83p on Spike, so I place them as a small hedge against the selections shortening, assuming 365 are competitive. Swings and roundabouts, early prices v BSP, but that’s mainly why I go BSP (though I don’t put more than £2 on with 365 even for a shortie). I’d be happy to play solely at BSP if I had to, irrespective of the price. I post the prices for those who prefer BOG, and can get on, if that’s the way they prefer to play.
As I’ve said before, each to his own…

I’ll be down in London (again) a few times over the next month, starting tomorrow, so please allow some flexibility in terms of posting. Not leaving ’til mid afternoon tomorrow, so will post Saturday’s selections and maybe the qualifying races, without selections as the ratings won’t be up, for Sunday

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