Matt Bisogno

Hi darthtrader,

Yes, as MrG says, only flat handicaps. I’ve added a link in the first post on the first page to the one tweak to the rules, which is to exclude a couple of tracks for good reason.

Initially, this approach was tested on all flat races, i.e. both flat and AW, and to run throughout the year. I’d not actually looked at the seasonaility of it – wanted to keep it simple. But now I check I notice that AW runners have actually made a tiny (5 point) loss from 533 bets at SP. That converts to 80 points profit at BSP, but a lower strike rate and less reliable bottom line means it’s a smart idea to avoid.

In fact, that’s only a slight tweak to the system because in the track amend linked to above (and on post 1), we’d only got Newcastle as a result of the northern focus.

We’ll keep to the turf in terms of tracking this, and I’ll continue posting until the end of this turf season. Thereafter, if others want to continue the thread in one form or another (e.g. tracking AW runners or handicaps NH runners), they’d be welcome.
And, to be clear, I’m removing Newcastle (AW) from the tracks, to keep it flat turf only.

Hope that all makes some sort of sense.

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