I use IE in accordance with Shortlist and speed ratings as well, my start is with shortlist then check each runner in IE and see if theirs a big diff between the selection and the rest, i then sort by SR and if the selection is within the top 3 it becomes a selection, my main focus on IE is Ground, Class, Distance, Course and Field in that order, when i have done Shortlist I then go through each race on IE and sort by SR and look at the top 3 and look for a selections that hae a gap in the ratings from the rest of the field, if for example 1 rated 75 2, rated 73 3 rated 60 but 2 has 3 green and amber and 1 has 1 amber and 3 red 2 will be a selection, or if the topSR is well clear but has nothing on IE it will not be a bet, both have to have some merit for a selection to be a bet for example today 15.10 Epsom C’Est No Mour is a shortlist list delection and well clear of rest of filed but SR is medium, but the form to me out weights the SR, where as in the 15.25 Native Soldier has a clear SR and the best IE ratings.
I back all my Selections E/W priced from 2/1 and above as if they place i get some money back by doing this i am hitting around an 80% Place rate so getting back around 60% of my stake on place money only and hitting around 40% win rate so make my profit their

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