I have been using IE for the past 2 or 3 months and at first I too made selections based on whether they were in the top 3 for SR or not. However, when I noticed a couple of nicely priced winners that weren’t in the top 3 for SR I had a rethink. The thing is, what to do if a horse is fourth or fifth ranked SR but within 10 of the top rated SR horse or conversely it’s ranked 3 but 25 points worse than the top ranked. I tend to use Matt’s advise and look for horses that may have a lot more green or amber than the rest and I then rank them accordingly. I then stake higher for horses that I rank excellent and lower for horses I have ranked good or very good. I suppose it’s just getting a feel for it and even though I end up backing most of the IE horse to a greater or lesser degree I have had some very good results. Last Sunday was pretty good and even better on Monday when I got 3 winners in a trixie – Going for broke, Hailings comet and Waady. There was another IE selection in the same race as Waady but I chose the right one as it turned out.

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