Waytogo, the thread title is I admit a tad confusing. My own selections have no connection to any Hotform horses/reports and I originally started contributing to the thread with my own trainer class droppers lists. When the original thread starter ceased to post the hotform horses, after consultation it was agreed that I would continue to post on the original thread, as opposed to starting a fresh one. As to the period differences to the BFSP ROI your guess is as good as mine?

Bear in mind also that the results are recorded at BFSP to provide an accurate and consistent measure that everyone can understand and relate to, however if one takes the early price record for August and September to date the SR is obviously the same (14.49%) yet the profits are measurably different 6.71% ROI at BFSP to 11.84% ROI at Early prices. Within any 500 bet sequence it’s not unusual to see a variance of +/- 3% to the overall SR so potentially the early period was simply a good patch compared with the overall 15% SR and the profits simply reflected this?

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