Hi Dave,
Sadly, I haven’t compiled the selections on a spreadsheet. Laziness on my part I’m afraid as I usually tend do. This thread and the concept has sort of developed from what was a basic list of trainers I routinely kept to a more involved daily analysis, so as usual time is always at a premium especially on days with plenty of meetings. I can understand where you are leading regarding attempting to isolate those “sweet spots” and I fully suspect that the selections if banded in price bands would demonstrate a graph showing increased ROI as the prices become larger. The balancing act between Strike rate and ROI is always something I consider especially, as in real terms a higher ROI may not necessarily convert to a higher ROC, due to the increased bank size required as the SR decreases. Whilst potentially not being as profitable those regular short priced winners do have a overall purpose in terms of SR and the required capital allocated, added to which the pyschological aspect of generally hitting more winners can also be beneficial. A strike rate reduction from 14% to 10% for example would require a bank IMO 50% greater in size.

Therefore I’m afraid that with regard to your question I don’t have the information on excel, however the early prices available at the time of posting have always been included in the selections. I appreciate that utilising them will require back tracking the posts etc, but I don’t sadly have an easier solution. Interestingly, regarding the shorter priced selections (sub 3/1 early priced) there is I believe a strong case that these may demonstrate far better profits/ROI at EP than BFSP.

Personally, I err towards level stake betting, which I appreciate may not be the most imaginative strategy, but I like simplicity and after over 35 years of betting, experience has taught me that often the simple works just as well 🙂 Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful.

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