Here is an update we havent been punting much as we have been busy buying Bitcoins and other crazy crypto currencies, if anyone is interested in this Ill gladly let them know what were up to in the space we have turned £500 into around £800 and with any luck it will just keep going in our favour!

Regarding the racing which is why i am here! We had a day out at the races on my brithday i was given around £50 in free bets by various bookies! Nice! The bets didnt cost me anything infact I made marginally more than i would have done if i had matched bet them! We have only been on the horses a handful of times since our last post, there hasnt been any notable results to speak of, just chipping along making steady profits then some losses until yesterday

I had been reading about Ascot all week and yesterday morning I was dying to study the form of the runners, we do well in high class racing! We picked 5 runners yesterday, only 4 bets and a Yankee Results below!

Bet 365 Stradivarius Win Single 13:25 Ascot 3rd $1.30 8
Bet 365 Alphabet Place 14:00 Ascot DP $0.65 15
Bet 365 persuasive Win Single 15:15 Ascot 1st $1.30 21
Bet 365 poets word Win Single 15:50 Ascot 2nd $1.30 8
Bet 365 Yankee, Caravagio(5) not Alphabet 11bets 10p EW p,p 1st,p $2.20

Betting Profit / Loss

Concluded Bets – Net Profit – Return
$676.68 $133.48 – 19.73% – $133.48

# Bets % Total % W/L
Won – 137 – 29.2% 31.5%
Lost – 298 – 63.5% 68.5%
Refunded – 33 – 7.0%
Half Lose – 1 – 0.2%
Total 469 100.0%

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