And for tomorrow:
28-Oct-17 Singlefarmayment Win Single 14:00 Cheltenham $1.50 4.00
28-Oct-17 mountain Belle Win Single 14:15 Newbury $15.00 11.00
28-Oct-17 Burguillos Win Single 14:55 Doncaster $1.50 5.00
28-Oct-17 All above Trixie $2.00

The full stop on the keyboard has broken so i accidentially staked £15 on Mountan Belle Im going to wait till the morning and lay it off, i like to think im confident the price will come in! Today was close, really close we made a 50% return today but we narrowly missed out on 250% with Boy in the bar coming a close 6th for the EW double (Bet365 were paying 1-5 places)!

27-Oct-17 Bet 365 Boy in the Bar Win Single 15:35 Doncaster 6th (1-5) $1.50 17.00 N
27-Oct-17 Betfair Black Corton Win Single 15:45 Cheltenham 1st $1.50 5.00 Y
27-Oct-17 Bet365 2x Above double £1 EW @ 76 DP, 1st $2.00 76.00 N

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