Breebraw, for what it is worth my initial match on SJH was also lower, by virtue of the fact that I attempt to beat the early prices which statistically has shown to be more profitable than BFSP over time. That said frequently with drifters if I feel the price is just too big and as was the case with SJH when I saw 40’sreached on Betfair I couldn’t resist placing another bet with a lay of 20 (my original matched bet was 24) creating a net price of 44 if the lay at 20 was matched in running. They don’t obviously all win but when they do it’s hugely rewarding. Having an in running lay price bigger than the early price provides IMO a degree of cautious insurance, despite the double stake. I was out when Island Brave was running so BFSP was my default, but my matched 21 on Power Home made for a very good day indeed! If November turns out to be as half as profitable I’ll be happy.

Regards Roger

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