Lingfield Ctd
1.25: Hidden Steps (16/1)
2.00: Parnassian (25/1)
2.35: Nurse Nightinggale (6/1) Persistence (9/4)
1.05: Bescot Springs (16/1) Lowcarr Motion (22/1) Exit to Freedom (50/1)
1.40: An Laoch (9/4)
2.15: Cheenys Venture (33/1) Once an Angel (100/1) Sybil Grey (100/1)
2.50: No Planning (5/2) Alderbrook Lad (16/1)
3.25: Chanceanotherfive (7/2)
12.40: Tintern Theatre (25/1) Lamb or Cod (28/1)
1.50: Festive Affair (14/1) Exitas (9/2)
3.00: Cause of Causes (6/1)

Chelmsford to follow:

Brian,Well done with Throckley and always annoying when I miss a big priced class dropper. My daily routine for these is to look at each individual class dropper and then look at the trainers record with their class droppers paying particular attention to the profile of the individual horse in relation to the race it is running in. I believe that generally trainers are creatures of habit so race class, course form, time since last ran, jockey bookings etc etc will all have a bearing. I’m basically looking for positives and negatives. I then look at the race trends of the particular race or race types at that time of year to make sure that any possible selection fits the profile of a likely winner. With up to 100+ class droppers on some days it’s simply not feasible to back all of them, so some form of screening is required and unfortunately I’ll miss a few winners from time to time. From memory with Throckley the trainer rarely has big priced winners (her first winner above 16/1 and over 70 have run) and the race trends were also a negative. Time is always my biggest issue as the more class droppers running each day the more time it takes to evaluate and the less time I then have for each race. Nevertheless, hopefully I’m right more often than not?

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