1250 L (Cl 5 ns) (53 – 48*) Drakefell *only 3 with a rating
340 L (Cl 4 h/c) (74 – 74 – 65) Come on Dave and Zipedeedodah
645 N (Cl 5 h/c) (67 – 61) Berryessa

I’d suspected that about novice h/cs, Matt…possibly noticed it because I reduce stakes on them ha. May have to look at that. Again only a suspicion, but that staking plan was partly driven by a perceived shortness of price of the selection in those races (and my own personal bias against shorties, which I am slowly overcoming). We’ll get a chance to see how the a/w goes now that’s all there is…seems to have been a few decent priced seconds there.


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