Steve Packer

Good stuff Dave. I hope you finished with a nice profit for the day.
When I put him up Tikken away was down as the fav.
In hindsight it shouldn’t matter on who is the favorite, as that had no bearing on the result, but what I’m trying to do is cut down on the losses that will come. If it keeps the trend there will be slightly more than 2/3 of the horses backed losers, but the average winning price will make up for the losses (we might avoid the next 6)😙. Of course there will be winners priced less than 5/2 but also a lot more losers, and a lot less value.
The Speed rating, for me, is helping to filter out a lot of horses, so I can be more selective.
Another thing that is standing out is, how much less of chance you have of winning when there is an non professional jockey in the saddle.. No matter how good the young pilot is, the win % will only increase as he/she gains the experience.

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