Steve Packer

When I first started this thread I didn’t include Speed ratings, and I have now since learned how important they are in the filtering process.
I try to get an average 1 win out of 3 and a decent ROI and a positive IV and A/E.
3 of the previous horses listed fitted into the new parameters, Ramonex Misfits and Crystal Lad, so I will include those results as well
These are results of the new filters
Group Runs Wins Places Win % EW % Win PL EW PL ROI A/E IV
All 105 34 56 32.38 53.33 21.3 -66.73 20.29 1.21 2.12


6/7 gelding handicap Chasers
Distance:Up to 3 Miles
Ground: From good ground to soft ground (no heavy)
Classes 2- 6 inclusive
Weight 11:10 to 12st
Speed rating 80+
Odds 6/4 to 5/1 Rank 1 to 4
Runners 4 to 9 inclusive
Professional jockeys only – no amateur or conditional

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