Steve Packer

Hi Baz,
Using the above filters there has been 7 runners this year including kimberlite
4 have won 2 placed
Group Runs Wins Places Win % EW % Win PL EW PL ROI A/E IV
All 31 14 19 45.16 61.29 21.13 -22.68 68.16 1.68 2.94

The parameters of course can be adjusted and results will be altered, but for me it boils down to a young chaser, placed in a race where its one of the better class horses in the race, with conditions to suit, and its handicap rating is below what its capable of.
Geldings are more consistent, and the pro jockeys should have more guile and more experience, in handling errors, although that can be debatable, as some of the jockeys just haven’t got the rhythm needed for chase races

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