Steve Packer

Hi Simon, when I started out this I was trying to cut down the losers as much as I could, that’s what I put in the no favs. In tight flip flop betting heats it will be 50/50 whether we get it right or wrong. To be honest, odds rank is now one of the last filters I use, if I use it at all. I adjust the min/max odds to find the ratio of winners to the number of qualifiers. For example if I lose only 1 winner to 12 losers by dropping from 6/1 from 8/1. I dump the 8/1 range. Same goes for minimum if there are only 3 winners out of 12 at 5/4, I strip that as well. This of course affects the win % and ROI. When I am looking at filters of the first 3/4in the betting I want the win % to be in the ball park of 33%. I’m sooo looking forward to the new query tools update. By the way I have I nice one for conditional jockeys which I will be posting shortly

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