Congrats on the Secret Betting Club award Matt and all of the team. It’s thoroughly deserved. Seeing Oddschecker in second place reminded of this feature request I submitted nearly 2 years ago now.

I still have to use Geegeez in conjuction with Oddschecker everyday so I have somewhere handy to save my list of bets while I’m compiling it. This does mean I spend time on a rival site checking out their racecards and information too. And I do find myself questioning sometimes whether I could make the same picks just using the free info on Oddschecker.

There seem to be regular good feature requests made in this thread but they very rarely get acknowledged by anyone on the team, either to confirm that the idea is in the pipeline or giving a reason not to pursue it, which I think is a shame and a missed opportunity. A lot of suggestions and recommendations throughout the forum often seem to fall on deaf ears, which doesn’t encourage further user interaction.

These comments are not meant in a negative way whatsoever. Geegeez has helped me immensely in the two plus years I’ve been a member. I think the site and service are awesome – but even the best have to keep improving to stay ahead of the game.

All the best


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