Hi everyone, this is my very first comment as i only joined this brilliant Site yesterday after weighing things up for a couple of weeks 🙂 So like Ollie yesterday i am another ‘New Boy’
Found this thread and one or two others very interesting and great to see the logic of it and Matt’s introduction at the outset. i have looked at how things have progressed – although obviously i haven’t read every page/post .
So can i just ask a few Q s and also summarise how the Results have developed because this appears to bode well for the Flat season. To save others – who may be new – the trouble of going over the whole thread for results i thought i would pop these on here before i asked a few Q s 🙂
I noticed how it got off to a flying start and then how things fell away to the point that it was into Loss making in April 2017. Mid April it went into profit and by 22 nd August Matt recorded that it had achieved Overall:139/670 (20.75% SR) +159.06 (23.74% ROI) so almost 160 points in a little over 4 months. By 21 st September hit hit the ‘High’ of 153/746 (20.51% SR) +190.82 (25.58% ROI) in roughly 5 and 1/2 months. By 9th October it had ‘trod water’ at + 191. By 23/11 Matt noted – Overall:
167/850 (19.65% SR)
+156.99 (18.47% ROI)
Plus Matt’s comments ; A couple of observations, which are anecdotal rather than data-driven:
a. All weather racing has not been kind to this approach
b. There has been a nasty bout of seconditis
c. Nursery handicaps appear an interesting exception to the recent disappointing run

My Q’s
1. i have noticed a few comments saying that some people are looking forward to the 2018 Flat. Does this mean that generally the All Weather (especially Handicaps) is yet to be proven? (I also noted that one of the main commenters says he would carry on with All Weather regardless)
2. For the period i have copied the recorded the results for above are they pretty much ALL Grass results or are they a mix of Grass and Aw ?? I assume the bad patch from 9 th October to 11 th November are predominantly All weather results?
3. Unless i have misread something (quite easy when you have whipped through 55 pages in a couple of hours 🙂 ) i take it that the figures recorded were BetfairSP Prices. If so can i ask if anyone has recorded ISP s and or BOG s? I realise that a good many of you have ‘restrictions’ Bookie wise? Luckily despite my age i don’t have such restrictions ( maybe a bit of an advantage of having a modest Bank) If the records are NOT BSP prices pleas put me right!

Whilst i will obviously find my way around the Site over the forth coming days – it seems really intuitive – i sense that following this and coupling it with the SoTD and possibly the Trainer/Jockey pairings (when ive studied them properly) might be a good place to get involved. My time is relatively limited but 30 and perhaps up to 60 minutes a day should be manageable most of the time. If anyone has any further advice/comments – positive or otherwise about anything in all this i would be delighted to hear. Thanks John

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