Hi Steve, this looks really interesting and clearly finds a great win % and ROI. I am still very new to GeeGeezs – barely 3 weeks and using SoTD and gradually finding my way through all the wonderful stuff that’s available on here. Can i just ask the following please. 1. The 100 mentioned – was that for the period April to June only, or did it include results for whole Flat including July where you say it dropped off? 2. Just wondering how long a period has been analysed (one Flat season or more ?) 3. Does it take very long to analyse by the ‘filters’ once you spot the right Race/Course/Trainer lines up a potential Race that needs filtering. and Please excuse my ‘newbie’ ignorance but is there a ‘short-cut’ to enable us to use this Site for ‘filtering’? I noticed that Masham Star lost yesterday but with an ISP of 6/1, so presumably won’t qualify as a selection? Begs the Q for me ‘do you look at earlier prices and back anyway if it fits into 6/4 to 4/1 range or do you think it best to leave until nearer race time? Apologies for so many Questions but this approach looks like a great ‘profitable angle’ to add to what i hope will be small ‘portfolio’ of selection approaches i can use daily. Thanks in advance! John

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