Steve Packer

Hi John, to answer the questions first of all 1. The 100 was from April to June 2. All the seasons in the tools 3. It doesnt take that long once you know the trainers to look out for. There might be a short cut but i haven’t founf it yet😣
The odds variable is the trickiest to tie down as im using past odds to try and predict future results. What im trying to do here with the odds is reduce the amount of losers and keep the win% around 33%. A horse could be a qualifier until the last 5 minutes before race or visa versa.
The main focus here is the trainers listed here targets these courses with their handicappers, usually placing them in races where they are deemed to be the better horses in the race..Once the horses win their races or placed often enough the handicap ratings go up and become harder to win with as the season goes on.
I sometimes list the qualifiers, but often dont get time to be on site, but if you come across one and i havent put it up feel free to include it.
Good luck with your punting 😃

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