Hi Steve, many thanks and sorry i have not got back on here until now. That’s great and i must obviously take a close look at the Tools part. I note your point re the Qualifiers and clearly will need do discipline myself to look out for them. It seems that with 100 in 3 months that the average no. of Qualifiers is around 1 per day. Will try and get back on here again once i have got my head around things more. Thanks for the good wishes with the punting – ( As an aside after a lean last several days on SoTD had an incredible baptism today using the IExpert Shortlist and following those scoring 10 + and min price 3/1. Had two amazing Winners 32.00 and a 7.67 from 5 bets. Small stakes and didnt do Doubles but wow – this site is amazing! ) Take care 🙂

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