Ok, shouldn’t be too much extra work, so I’ll see how it goes and post the results daily with the qualifiers. Taking note of Matt’s suggestion, but wanting to keep track of the all weather, I propose to post the flat qualifiers first, then the a/w ones denoted by >> (ditto the results). Same rules, everything included, except odd-on, recorded to ISP, starting from zero to reflect the split of flat and a/w. I’ll try to highlight the 2yos to end June. I’ve no patience for working out % strike rates etc…get a calculator if you want to work it out ha.


>>130 K (Cl 4 ns) no ratings
>>205 K (Cl 2 h/c) (105 – 100) Tomily 5/1

Results to date
>>0/2 – 2 pts


nb today’s was a point each qualifier before any (possibly newer) follower queries. Zero percent, I believe.

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