Reply and question for Ray1950 please.
Hi Ray – i am still very much a ‘new boy’ on here and still finding my way around.
I have been interested in, and with very mixed success, both Horse Racing and Football for well over 35 years.
Although i know this is a ‘Horsey’ site i noticed your post on 22/3/18 regarding the ‘Footie’ and the Laying the 0-0 draw. Thank you for sharing it. I must admit i have seen many a dismissive comment on other Forums etc. effectively saying it is now a ‘dead – duck’ I always keep an open mind on anything; Can i clarify a few things on your approach please.
1. Do you always wait right until half-time to check on if its still 0-0 ?
2. If the worst happens and the game remains 0-0, do you see it right through, or do you ever trade out some time in the last part of the game for a reduced loss?
3. Just wondered how long you have followed the approach and if you have any W/L or ROI figures for it.
Thank you in advance, John

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