Thanks Paul. I know I’m not the only one who is grateful for the few minutes you save me each day from doing the work myself. Those few minutes each day add up.

As for the ongoing results, I’m equally sure I’m not the only one here who really really ought to keep better records of such things. I’m retiring, come the summer, so will no longer be able to use the “lack of time” excuse for keeping few, poor, or (worst of all) no records on how profitable (or not) the various systems I use are. It’s on my list to be meticulous in the future – only time will tell if that happens or not, but this thread/idea, the notion that the same system works nicely on turf yet with a tweak or two might be a laying system on the AW, has really opened my eyes to the fact that good record-keeping really is very important.

Thanks to Matt too, if he sees this. I listened to his podcast(interview thingie (sorry to be so technical!) yesterday, and it became a little more apparent where his time goes these days. He’s working hard for all of us, and nobody should forget this. One also shouldn’t forget that the Bisogno household also has a young child roaming around in it. It would be sad beyond belief if Matt were ignoring him just so he could keep threads such as this one updated periodically.

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