Hi john1987. Can i give you a brief history of who i am. On feb21 st i was 74. I have been gambling since i was 15 and in that time i have lost a lot of money. It hurts me to say that but its true. On the plus side i once walked off beverley racecourse with 24 grand in a tesco bag. Highs and lows. Making a profit at anything over a long period of time is very very hard. Ive seen marriages break down and lives destroyed because people thought they could beat the book.Dont fall into the trap. Rule number one and wrote in stone–GREED IS A KILLER, Once you have that imprinted on your mind you can take small steps forward.Thats the best advice i can give anybody. So here is the method i use and it has stood me well. Iuse 2 sites to find my selections. First one is FLASH SCORE.COM. Click on standings and you have all the league details of every team. Using all the major leagues–spanish–italian–german–french-dutch and english i look for a team that is pushing for promotion playing an inferior team that has nothinf to fight for. This superior team will be playing at home. Then i go to 7MSPORTS. Go to the tab scores and odds 2in1, It brings up a number of choices and select ALL. Find the team you have selected. On the right are two or three little boxes and a little football. Click on the box that looks like a little dice. Among the data it should give you details of yhe last 10 games these teams have played. Look for half time scores and only select teams with no 0-0 at half time. Once i have the game to trade go to betfair and look for the HALF TIME SCORE market. In my opinion this is a really good market. Then i LAY the 0-0 half time score. If you have selected the right match to trade you will make your profit before half time.I play this up to 4 times a week and get a very high % of wins. If the score remains 0-0 you have the option. Take the hit and carry on. If you are very strict with your selection you will be profitable. However in my case when the score remains 0-0 i go to the match odds market and LAY THE DRAW to get back my liability from my previouse bet. If you want to try this method start with £2 stakes then you cant get hurt if you make mistakes. Be very strict with your selections and dont be greedy else it will bite you on the arse. You can make good money using the 0-0 half time score markets. Good luck.

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