Thanks very much Ray 1950 for your very long and helpful reply on the 8th. apologies for not having replied before but have had the distractions of visitors and also feeling below par. Im into the 2 nd half of my 60’s now and like you have seen a lot of ups and downs and everything you have said makes a great deal of sense. I will be taking an interest in what you have said and giving it a go with small stakes – which is what i always do with new stuff anyway. I will keep this short as i realise its Footie rather than Racing and would also just like to thank Matt/Chris or whoever for letting your post through. I will keep to racing stuff in the future and hope once i’m more into Geegeez (its still only 4 weeks) and very much hope to provide some valuable contributions and posts as time moves on. thanks again – very much appreciated and all the best to you, John

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