Matt Bisogno

Thanks for flagging, guys, and you’re absolutely correct, (John) Paul.

The Shortlist is actually more accurate – because it uses a much tighter distance range – than the Instant Expert.

Theoretically, they should match, but they’re both correct and accurate against their respective parameters. It’s better to think of them as close brothers than twins. In other words, whilst obviously they are often exactly aligned, they sometimes will not be.

(Another example of differentiation is if the going changes, The Shortlist doesn’t react to that going change. Also when non-runners affect the field size and move that into a different range, that too is not realigned).

Both are intended as barometers as opposed to finessed precision instruments, and I’m sure you’ll agree that both serve that purpose well.

By the way, I’ve backed Bredon Hill Lad, so let’s hope he picks up the winning thread! (Whatever beat him last time, it wasn’t the distance, as he was cooked some way out).


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