Hi Stephen, Oddslines where an obsession of mine for some years a while back so I can say they are useful but suit different people in different ways. Personnaly I won’t back / lay a horse unless I perceive 30 % value to my rough assessment- some books/people want 50 % . Points for stats / ability can be awarded ( like Instant expert – hint 😉 ) and may be say in a 10 runner race, give the topspeed 10, next 9 etc- add them all up & divide each horse ‘s value into the total for a %. These days I note how many contenders I feel can win the race ( lets say 3 possible winners ) then my minimum odds are 3 + .30 ( 30%) = 3.30. I must say I tend to back in races with only 2 contenders and lay in races with 4+ contenders. You could look at the Sporting Life / Racing Post for their oddsline and compare to GeeGeez Instant Expert etc as well

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