andrew coombs

I don’t use the bonus bagging service as me and a group of mates already utilise the offers that bookmakers give you, and in reality it’s a very simple idea.
(convert free bets in to cold hard cash, through arbitrage)

I have accounts shut down or restricted on a weekly basis, fortunately these are usually the worst bookmakers anyway (paddypower and boylesports the most).

In terms of alternative bookmakers depending on the level of your daily stakes and what your betting on will depend if you get restricted.

There was a very good article a while back on how to keep your accounts open and sadly this works, (the idea is act as though your a mug punter). If you stick money on casino, games, virtual racing, big accas, the house always wins, but if there are any offers I tend to use them to keep the bookies happy and as long as break even or only lose a pound or two then it pays in the long term.

I am in a fortunate position that I have a mate, my grandma, mine and my girlfriends parents accounts to utilise, but Boylesports, Stan James and Paddy Power shut you down in less than a month.

I am currently building a big enough pot to smash the offers on C4 Racing on a saturday. Its a very simple idea, I’m sure you have seen the C4 MB Specials, MB2nd etc.

Using WillHill, Bet365, Ladbrokes, Boylesports, Stan James, Skybet, Betfair each Saturday they offer various offers ranging from MB2nd, Back a 4-1 winner, back a 3-1 winner etc.

All you do is find closely matched odds on any of the sites, Lay at as closer odds as possible and wait for the free money to poor in.

At the weekend I was away and only had 10 minutes so checked my emails and came across the following two offers:

MB2nd all C4 races with WillHill, Boylesports and Stan James
MB if draw with Paddypower on Man City v Chelsea

So I scoured the card and backed the front two in the market 3 times each in the smallest runner race on tv as was limited on time (irish saint and champagne west)

I then layed them 3 times each on Smarkets (2% comission) and follows Betfairs odds to the letter nearly.

Irish Saint came 2nd and I bagged £75 of free bets for a cost of £6.23. I’ve just converted the last bet (back and lay high with odds closely matched) and made a total profit of £63.76.

On to the paddypower offer and i simply backed and layed chelseas for £50 on my paddypower account for a cost of £1.22. The game was a draw and converted the £50 free bet yesterday into £42.56 profit.

This on top of the free bets for opening accounts can make a nice 2nd income.

In the past 4 weeks i’ve made:


Don’t get me wrong it takes a bit of time to do, but you can see the profits to be made, I do my 4 willHill accounts on a Friday then the rest on a Saturday morning before football.

On to the rogue bookies as i like to call them (although some are actually much better than other).

My favourites are 888Sport NO BOG but 5 mins before the off rarely someone better, they also throw offers at you and I don’t seem to get restricted.
Unibet use the same odds compiler as them as do 32 Red bet so something to bare in mind.

Betbright I haven’t used much as there odds always seem much worse apart from one horse a race they are taking on. In fact I’ve just checked Taunton Racecard and Betbright have 1 stand out horse in 3 races, 4 Best odds in 1 race and none in the rest. So if there best odds on your pick then worth it, but they never seem to be for mine!

Racebets are great for international punting, and recently became BOG, I’d recommend them strongly, if you can get on! They seem to restrict as soon as you beat the price half a dozen times.

Hope this helps.

Finally avoid 10 bet like the plague!

Your first 30 days for just £1