I read a lot of books on breeding and I listened a lot to ex jockey willie Carson

I’m self taught made a lot study

We have shortly the flat racing season coming up I have made profits using the 2yo races specially up to June

A free site I reccomend is bt2yo
It’s very good I think among us we could suggest sites I put my suggestions in
Ukracestats this is a very good site you pay for only the days you use 25 race days cost £20
Flatstats very expensive a specialist site thousands of stats I did like there value bets on horses
Fracsoft is a free site if you want to see front runners and the %% of what is best for that course and tons of stuff all free
The Racing Post you can get all of it free click on racing post click on printouts and chose whatever you want ie form gives you all the form of the hors and the bit I like is look under a horses note book and you will find quote a big help. Then go underneath form you will see Card colour card Spotlight ect ect click on any of these and you will get it all free
But I’ve left the best one till last
You will not beat HORSE RACE BASE its run on a donation I’ve been with Chris for ages, what I like is Chris himself because whatever you ask for he will answer, the site first started because chris wanted a hobby
But who ever tipster you see selling tips I bet they got the information from H.R.B the tipsters give you a lot of speel on how many months or years they have been developing there system its a load of rubbish talk
You can find whosever system in about 3/5 minutes on H.R.B I know Matt uses it a lot, he has mentioned it this site is the bes
I will give you an example I was told about this very expensive site I thought I will try it for a month, on the first day a stat come up and I was sure it wasn’t,t right I e- maled the owner asking him if his stats was kosher, well the abuse I got was unbelievable, so I went to H.R.B I was already a member I looke at Chris stats and they was a lot differant so I asked expensive site to send me the stats of the trainer who I was researching he did not answer, I asked Chris same question and I got the result promptly,so you can guess the rest

Your first 30 days for just £1