Go to H.R.B they give you a free trial
Once you are logged in go to top right hand side you will find Sytem Builder v4
Now if you follow these instructions you will have found a system in no time

Right you got up the v4
Now click track
I chose Wolverhampton click on date (year) I clicked years 2010.2011.2012.2013.2014.2015.
Now click Dig
You will now get trainers results at Wolves
I like to look at a trainer with about 75 runners with a % of 20% or more that is showing a profit
If you look down the list you will see Varian. Roger
He’s stats look like this
Bets 85 wins 24 win % 28:92 p/l (SP) £15.94 placed 54 place% 65:06 ROI 19:2 a lot more than a bank roi
There you have a system you can then add the system to the site and on thr day the trainer has a runner at that course Chris will send you a e-mail
You can do this to trn jockeys ect ect and you can build up a portfolio of systemc
It’s silly not to have a lot of systems because if you have a lot one may be not winning share the others will be winning
Also when the portfolio is built but you don’t want to risk your money the whole lot of systems you can vue on the site and it tells you what’s the situation i
I think anyone who reads this and don’t join H.R.B is silly
The site is fantastic well worth the money I think I’m paying for all this about £5.79 a month I say about because you pay in euros I pay 7:50 euros and at the moment we are doing well against the euro, but bare in mind I’ve been with Chris a long time, but I don’t think yours will be a lot dearer maybe 12:50 euros a month
Go go baby

Your first 30 days for just £1