Glad you was on new leyf

personaly i always bet same stake on all my bets

in that way i dont get panicky

i think people should bet without any pressure i dont het no pressure becuse my bank is a 100 times bigger than my bet in other words if im betting £20 my bank will be £2000

also if im having a bad spell i stop betting altogether and just paper trade untill mi think im back in form

also i made a rule if i lost all my bank i ould stop betting untill the season has finished then get another bank and start again

up to yet i have never lost my bank but i have had bad spells thats the name of the game we will always get them

but i have said if you have a lot of differant methods one might be out of sink but im sure thwe others might be in form

on this forum i have shown 3 differant methods and as it is they was in form they could have gone the other way

be lucky

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