hi kevin, ive been keeping an eye on the top rated for speed in a test i had been doing, from 23/1/15 to 10/2/15.
not a long test period to be fair but im to busy with other projects to carry it on,
this is what i found.
i compared the geegeez top rated with timeform, patternform and focus
there were a toatal of 315 races
geegeez 1st place = 72 strike rate = 22.85%
timeform 1st place = 86 strike rate = 27.3 %
patternform 1st place = 58 strike rate = 18.4 %
focus 1st place = 69 strike rate = 21.90 %

one thing i noticed was that timeform had the best win rate but picked an awful lot of hot favs, where as the others tended to have a more varied price range.

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