Jan Hart

rhur & sunchu

I haven’t messed anything up, I haven’t removed anything. At 6:49pm on Tuesday, rhur you started posting about Wednesday’s races……..on Tuesday’s thread. All of the posts are still there. I do not have the ability to delete anyone’s posts, I’m a subscribed user on here just like you.

If I could’ve moved your posts on to a new thread about Wednesday I would’ve.

All the threads I have created are quite clearly labelled with the day & date of the races they refer to.

Also, why do you think this is about me winning? This isn’t about me, it’s about what makes things easier for forum users.

If the majority of people agree that having a new thread for each day’s racing discussions then I’m happy to create them. I’m not going to be tied to a specific time of creating the next day’s thread for 2 simple reasons. 1) as the evening meets are quiet I will often use time in between races to start looking at the next day’s racing; and 2) I have other things to do like cooking dinner, washing up, ironing, etc.

If people want me to continue creating threads then I will continue to label them clearly with the day & date of the races the thread is relevant to. And the day & date will match those on the racecards.

Hope everyone has a profitable day.

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