thanks for the webb site
there is a edge to breeding
in fact when the flat season starts with the 2yo there is money to be made
I think a lot of people look at the sire, which in my opinion there looking at the wrong animal
the animal they should be looking at is the MUM
what to look for is only MUM & GRANNIE
look to see if Mum has won a race this improves the winning of the 2yo
Next look at Mums sons and daughters to see what they have done we are looking for BTW BTP
next go to GRANNIE and we are looking for the same as Mum
two sites that I use is Racing Post I pay the £12 A month
also to look deeper I pay £5 a month to pedigree queery
pedigree queery also shows you a site for DOSAGE
if any one is interested we could follow this up
i have learnt a lot on pedigrees and I know what to look for

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