rhur, focus ratings is basically a ratings service,they dont tip horses but rate every horse in every race, so the average is compliled over the length of time that focus as records for that horse, then each and every race is rated seperately , you can quickly see which horse is running above or below average.
so its up to the user how they interpret the ratings and how we use them.
its very similar to inform in that respect, also they are about to launch there own speed ratings in the ratings table, so we will be able to tell at a glance which horse rates well in a particular race and also if it is a fast slow horse ect.
but the real beauty of focus is the system builder,users create there own systems on there, you can keep them private or make them public, there are hundreds that are public, most have terrific strike rates and profitable roi.
these alone pay the subs and a lot more.
i would reccommend the service, the guy who runs it, keith is a real gent and his always willing to listen and help with the ratings.
he does a free trial so i suppose you could do that and have a look round the site and see if you like it.
hope this helps

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